B*Witched – Awake and Breathe [1999]

» B*Witched – Awake and Breathe [1999]

Track List
01. If It Don’t Fit
02. Jesse Hold On
03. I Shall Be There
04. Jump Down
05. Someday
06. Leaves
07. The Shy One
08. Red Indian Girl
09. It Was Our Day
10. My Superman
11. Are You A Ghost?
12. In Fields Where We Lay
13. Blame It On The Weatherman


Mirror 1 (Mediafire)


One Response to “B*Witched – Awake and Breathe [1999]”

  1. hi. it is said that the file is not in the link anymore…do you have a more active link? thanks!

    i love b*witched and i am very ecstatic that they were in a reunion concert with the other artists 🙂 do you have the DL link for the 1st album? thanks very much!

    oh btw they have a new single “Love and Money”. Hope they do another album… 🙂

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